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First camera, a 35mm Braun Paxette bought in1955 which he still has and uses periodically.

The move up to medium format in 1974 just increased his desire to move up again in format and in 1976 he purchased a used Crown Graphic 4X5 press camera stripped it down and used it as a field camera. He currently uses a Zone VI 4X5 field camera purchased in 1989

1984, first image published in Camera Canada Magazine. 1989, Five images of Japan accepted for exhibit in an N.A.P.A. show in Vancouver. 1991 A.P.A.C. Show, one image placed third and one image received an Honorable Mention. 1994, Three images of Boston accepted for exhibit at N.A.P.A. show in New Westminster. 1994 summer, mounted first one man show of twenty three images at the Photographic Gallery at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond. Between1998 and 2000 had five acceptances in International Salons. Several of his images are in private collections in Canada and the United States.

Alistair’s long time involvement in fine art black and white photography prompted him to build his own print washer. Over a number of years the washer was redesigned and in 1998 had evolved into the highly efficient and beautiful CROSS-JET print washer he started marketing the washer in the fall of 2000. At the same point in time he became interested in making unsharp masks but was unable to find any registration systems being made. Alistair did what he has always done if he can’t buy what he needs he builds it; his first registration punch and easel worked so well other photographers wanted it and the Inglis Unsharp masking system was launched and is currently in use in 22 countries! The Unsharp system now includes pinned registered carriers for most of the more popular brands of enlargers. In 2004 a complete suite of sheet film washers was introduced and have been very well received by large format photographers in 9 countries.