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Contact Printer

The Inglis Contact Printer is a departure from the back loading spring loaded printer; with the Inglis Contact printer you open the glass cover position the paper and film against the retractable stops and close the cover. The best part is that the Inglis Contact is available also as a pin registered contact printer and a as a combination unit having interchangeable pins/stops allowing the Large and Ultra Large Format photographer to use a variety of masking procedures to achieve the desired image.

The contact pressure is maintained by magnetic force, the high contact pressure across the film and paper is absolutely uniform. If extra heavy weight paper is used the the magnet heights can be adjusted to compensate and assure maximum pressure The Inglis Contact can be built to fit any Large or Ultra Large Format in either standard contact or pin registered models.

Contact Printer Prices US Funds

Clear Glass
Clear Glass Registered
An. Glass
An Glass Registered
Combi Clear Glass
Combi An. Glass
4X10 Contact Printer *
8X10 Contact Printer *
11X14 Contact Printer * *
7X17 Contact printer * *
8X20 Contact Printer * *
* Matching 8X10 punch $307.00
* * Pin Registered Contact Printers with matching punches can be supplied in these formats on request.
All prices shown include for shipping in Continental North America via Expedited Parcel Post.