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Film Washers

The cross-jet film washer is built to the same exacting standards as the Cross-jet print washer. The film washer is available in the following sizes: 4X5-6 and 10 slot, 5X7-6 and 10 slot and 5X12-6 slot and 8X10-6 slot. “Full sheet” 6 1/2″X8 1/2″ and for Polaroid negatives can be supplied. The washers have small footprint and are supplied with hose and hose connector ready for hook-up. The Cross-jet film washer is designed to wash film thoroughly with the least amount of water pressure. Separate multiple opposing jets of water between the sheets of film ensures fast uniform washing of both sides of the film using very little water pressure.

Film Washer Prices US

Out of sink use
4X5 -6 Slot 5″ L X 3 3/4″ W X 6″ H
4X5-10 Slot 5″ L X 5 3/4″ W X 6″ H
5X7-6 Slot 6″ L X 3 3/4″ W X 8″ H
5X7-10 Slot 6″ L X 5 3/4″ w X 8″ H
5X12-6 Slot 6″ L X 3 3/4″ W X 13″ H
8X10-6 Slot 9″ L X 3 3/4″ W 11″ H
The above prices include for Expedited Parcel Post to anywhere in the Continental United States.
TERMS OF PAYMENT: Check or International Money Order with order.