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Gas Burst Development

The Inglis Gaseous Burst development system delivers consistent uniformly developed negatives using a variety of one shot developers. The film is processed vertically and is less liable to damage. The System is perfect for “Stand” or “Semi Stand” development. Sans Gas “Dip & Dunk” agitation gives perfect results. The Inglis gaseous burst developing system consists of a multi compartment tank available in clear cast acrylic for development by inspection or as a daylight tank. The Inglis Gas Burst Intermittent Timer besides controlling standard development processing; can be adjusted to very accurately time “Stand” or “Semi Stand” development. The acrylic sheet film holder incorporates the gas plenum which allows the holder to be moved from solution to solution maintaining optimum agitation throughout the process with minimum carry-over of solution. The Multi-tank configuration assures minimum temperature loss e.g. an 8X10-4 compartment daylight unit tested over 45 minutes lost o.1°c. The system can be built to suit the individual photographer’s process from presoak to Photo-Flow®. The gas supply fitting to the tank is positioned above the solution level assuring no bleed back of solution to the gas supply controls.

Each compartment has its own shut-off drain valve; the units have built in stainless steel leveling screws; have a light tight lid with a bulls-eye level mounted on the lid to confirm level which is critical in gaseous burst development. The film holder/plenum gas supply tube can be easily removed to allow the photographer to load the holder at the work table. Acrylic and daylight units are available for 4X5-6 and 5X7-6 sheet capacity and 8X10-4 sheet capacity. Ultra Large Format units will be built to order; ULF systems will be available in clear acrylic or as daylight units with compartments to suit the photographer’s process. ULF basket/plenums will hold 2 sheets or 4 sheets of film depending on the photographer’s preference.

Gas Burst Development Prices US

4X5-6 slot film holder/plenum
5X7-6 slot film holder/plenum
8X10-4 slot film holder/plenum
4X5-4 compartment tank with film holder/plenum
5X7-4 compartment tank with film holder/plenum
8X10-4 compartment tank with film holder/plenum
6 or 7X17-4 compartment tank with basket/plenum & 2 double sided film hangers
8X20-4 compartment tank with basket/plenum & 2 double sided film hangers
Inglis Gas Burst Intermittent Timer
The prices for 4X5 to 8X10 holder/plenums and 4X5 to 8X10 tank systems and timer include for shipping within the Continental United States 6 or 7X17 and 8X20 systems will be shipped via FedEx Ground Service; shipping costs on request.