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Inglis Unsharp

The Inglis Unsharp pin registration system is the most comprehensive available consisting of a 2 or 3 hole punch and pin registered easel. The punch and easel boards are laminated black Sintra for stability, the punch pins are .063 dia. hardened steel. The punches operate individually into hardened steel close tolerance dies; the punch operating pads are a generous size for comfortable operation. The easel has 1 fixed and 1 or 2 floating pins to facilitate the stacking of mask and film. The hinged diffusing cover adjusts to accommodate spacers; optional hinged covers are also available in clear glass and anti-Newton ring glass.

The punch and easel sets are available in these sizes: 4X5/5X7-2 pin, MF/4X5/5X7-3 pin, 8X10-2 pin and 4X5/5X7/8X10-3 pin. Larger Format and custom sizes are available on request; easels to match the Condit punch are available.

Over 250 Inglis Unsharp systems are being used by fine art photographers and printers across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Inglis Super Carrier is available for the following 4X5 enlargers: Beseler, Omega, Saunders LPL, Zone VI types 1 and 2. The pin registered carriers can be furnished glass less, with all clear glass or with AN upper glass.

Medium Format pinned glass less or glassed carriers are available for the above enlargers Pinned inserts to fit the Durst L1200 Femoneg AM Universal Carrier available for 6X6, 6X7, 6X9 and 4X5. Also available 5X7 pinned inserts for the Durst Nega 138 Carrier. 4X5 and 5X7 hinged, pinned inserts for Durst 10X10.

All Durst Inserts are supplied with glass; all clear or with AN upper glass.

Zone VI 8X10 Carriers can be pinned to match the Inglis Unsharp Punch and Easel and can also be supplied with glass to preference. Pinned glass carriers; 4X5, 5X7 and 8X10 can be supplied for the DeVere 5108. Pinned 4X5 inserts for DeVere 405 are also available. Omega 10X10 Pinned carrier can be supplied with hinged upper glass.

All carriers have a hard black anodized finish, the registration pins are stainless steel with 1 fixed pin and 1 floating pin. The pins extend through the carriers to accommodate a supplied diffusion screen and pencil or dye shading mask. The diffusion screen and mask materials are die cut from flat sheet stock ensuring uniform diffusion. 5 practice masks and an artist’s blending stump for precise pencil shading blending are supplied with each carrier.

The Saunders carrier has a registration angle bracket to register the carrier to the enlarger. Easy (no tools required) to install registration plates are available for Beseler and Omega enlargers.

Carriers pinned to match the Condit punch are available.

Unsharp Prices US Funds

U S funds
4X5/5X7-2 Pin set
MF/4X5/5X7-3 Pin set
8X10-2 Pin set
4X5/5X7/8X10-3 Pin set
4X5/5X7 Hinged clear glass cover
4X5/5X7 Hinged anti-Newton glass cover
8X10 Hinged anti-Newton glass cover
4X5/5X7 Easel with diffusing cover to match Condit punch
4X5/5X7 Clear pinned easel for pencil or dye shading
8X10 Clear pinned easel for pencil or dye shading
Prices include for Expedited Parcel Post to anywhere in the Continental United States. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Check or International Money Order with order.