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Print Washers

The cross-jet archival washer is the culmination of many years of experimenting, testing and refining in my darkroom. The washers are personally hand crafted and finished to the highest standards, using only the best grade clear cast acrylic. The washers are compact in size and have a small footprint and are available in 4 sizes: 11X14, 8X20, 16X20, 20×24 all in 6 and 12 slot capacities. Custom sizes can also be supplied up to 30X40 8 slot capacity.

Separate multiple high velocity opposing twin cross-jets for each compartment ensures a continuous uniform flow of water over both sides of the print. The compartment dividers are textured on both sides to prevent prints from sticking; minimizing the risk of damage to the print emulsion and making print retrieval easier. The dividers are supported on 4 sides with spacer blocks in place; eliminating the bowing and warping caused by water pressure that can cause uneven washing. The dividers and bottom spacer assembly are removable for cleaning. Washers are complete with hoses, hose connecter, drain shut-off valve and a lifting rod for small prints.

Workmanship guaranteed for 5 years.

Over 180 Cross-jet Archival washers are now in use in darkrooms across North America.

NOTICE: To my American customers; the U S Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are enforcing the 1972 regulation that states: Identification numbers of the ‘ultimate consignee’ are required on the customs invoice which accompanies each washer shipment. CBP requires the IRS Employer Identification Number issued to most business entities, or the Social Security Number of individuals. CBP uses this information to target shipments for closer scrutiny and anti-terrorism purposes. It has been my policy to cut out and shred any SSN included in correspondence or in customs documentation after the shipping has been done. Although my computer is very secure Do not e-mail your SSN to me mail it with your check or Money Order.


Print Washer Charges US Funds

11X14-6 slot 16 3/4″ (L) X 5 5/8″ (W) 13 7/8″ (H) Filled weight 57lbs. Shipping weight 25lbs
11X14-12 Slot 16 3/4″ (L) X 10 1/4″ (W) X 13 7/8″ (H) Filled weight: 92lbs. Shipping weight 45lbs.
8×20-6 slot 22 3/4″ (L) X 5 5/8″ (W) X 10 3/4″ (H) Filled weight 69lbs. Shipping weight 31lbs.
8X20-12 slot 22 3/4″ (L) X 10 3/4″ (W) X 10 3/4″ (H) Filled weight 86lbs. Shipping weight 48lbs.
16X20-6 slot 22 3/4″ (L) X 5 5/8″ (W) X 18 3/4″ (H) Filled weight 100lbs. Shipping weight 55lbs
16X20-12 slot 22 3/4″ (L) X 10 3/4″ (W) 18 3/4″ (H) Filled weight 180lbs. Shipping weight 75lbs.
20×24-6 slot 26 3/4″ (L) X 5 5/8″ (W) X 22 7/8″ (H) Filled weight 142lbs. Shipping weight 60lbs
20X24-12 slot 26 3/4″ (L) X 10 3/4″ (W) X 22 7/8″ (H) Filled weight 262 lbs Shipping weight 90lbs.
TERMS OF PAYMENT: Check or International Money Order with order.

Print Washer Frt Charges US Funds

11X14-6 Slot
11X14-12 Slot
8X20-6 Slot
8X20-12 Slot
16X20-6 Slot
16X20-12 Slot
20X24-6 Slot
20X24-12 Slot
To determine your exact shipping cost check which zone your state is in and read the shipping cost opposite the washer size in the zone column..
(ID) (MT) (OR) (WA).
(AZ) (CA) (CO) (NE) (NM) (ND) (SD) (UT) (WY).
(AL) (AR) (CT) (DE) (DC) (FL) (GA) (IL) (IN) (IA) (KS) (KY) (LA) (ME) (MI) (MN) (MS) (MO) (NH) (NJ) (NY) (NC) (OH) (OK) (PA) (RI) (SC) (TN) (TX) (VA) (VT) (WI) (WV)
The above prices are based on current FedEx Ground Service Insured rates and subject to change without notice.